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So what is hypnotherapy?

People have many misconceptions about Hypnotherapy, which has been made through TV shows and people that have seen stage performances.

One of the best descriptions of hypnotherapy is

A state in which critical thinking is temporarily by-passed and selective thinking is introduced (Dave Elman)

Myths and misunderstandings about hypnotherapy

There is absolutely no control on the part of the Hypnotherapist
A person under hypnosis cannot be made to do anything they don't want to
A person under hypnosis cannot be made to reveal their innermost secrets
There is no 'Trance' in the true sense of the word
Hypnosis is NOT a state of unconsciousness or sleep
It is impossible to get 'stuck' in hypnosis
There is nothing 'paranormal' about hypnosis at all - it is a natural state of the mind, which everyone of us experiences on a daily basis. Have you ever been so engrossed in a movie or a book that it feels like you can relate to a character and feel those emotions ? Well that is a state of hypnotherapy.

Person-centred Hypnotherapy

All my work entails is allowing yourself to find solutions to your problems, you lead your own therapy, I'm simply your guide and through various ways will guide you to your own resolution.


What can I help with?

Weight loss
Smoking cessation
Sports performance

How many sessions will it take ?

How many sessions vary person to person and is hard to judge until we have spoken, some issues can just take the one session and others longer. After the first consultation I would be able to give you a better idea how long it will take

How does it all work?

I offer the first initial consultation for £20, this includes an hour where I will take some details and find out more about you and whatever problem you have, give you some information about the process and how it works and then a small amount of hypnotherapy which will be just relaxation so that you can find out what to expect and then you will fully confident that you will be aware of your thoughts and feelings for the next visit.

How much will it cost me after?

£50 per hour, if required more than 3 sessions this will drop to £40

Weight loss package £125 if paid upfront after the initial consultation £50 per session otherwise

Smoking Cessation £125 if paid upfront after the initial consultation £50 per session otherwise

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