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Drawing and Talking therapy for Young People. drawing

Advanced drawing and talking practitioner

The power of drawing.

Drawing and talking is designed to enable a young person to express, in a visual form worries and preoccupations from deep in their mind, the drawings enables the person/child a safe way to express deep worries and feelings that might seem very frightening and dangerous to them.
Through drawing pictures and talking through them it is a non invasive way of communication a child/young person's inner worries which the right side of the brain holds on to, by putting it all in picture form and talking about it puts it into the left side of the brain which where reasoning and logic take place.

A session is based on 30 minutes maximum, sometimes it can take less than this depending on how the person feels on the day. if they only draw and talk for 10 minutes does not mean that the session has been less successful.

Drawing and talking with young people on the Autism Spectrum has been very successful if the individual as a good imagination

It is recommended that the sessions are over a 12 week period, one very week for the child/young person to really engage and to get the best benefits from the process.

Costs £15 per session

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