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About me/ My career journey/Autism Connection

Hard to know where to start, I am married with two children and a step son.

I have always had a passion for care and helping others, I have worked in a hospital and care homes but nursing wasn't for me

I qualified as an holistic therapist, where I went to work for Center Parcs and again did not tick my boxes for a successful career as I still had the desire to change.

In 2009, I gave birth to my youngest son for whom we found out 2 years later that he had autism and as parents for a while our life was turned upside down and as a couple we have had many challenges with our marriage because he didn't sleep, anxiety issues.

I started out working for an organisation working with children with Special Educational needs, my role was befriending children, working group sessions and offering 1:1 advice to families. I had found my career, through a series of events and being made to feel worthless (something that I was always made to believe), something inside me snapped and I decided I would show them !!!

My education and Learning

Diploma in Holistic Therapist (2008)
University certificate in Autism Studies (Birmingham 2016)
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindcoaching (2016)
Advanced talking and drawing (2016)

My passion for what I do

Up until a possibly the beginning of 2017 I did not fully realise my capabilities as a person and a therapist.

I spent my childhood years being bullied at school which had a huge impact on my confidence and self belief.

As an early adult I enter many relationships which consequently failed, due to many factors the biggest being that I felt that no one could possibly feel the way they said they did about me I did not feel that I could be loved, but at the same time craved that attention so became extremely possessive which then broke down many relationships. After my first full on relationship ended I entered depression and anxiety for many years as I was trying to work out who I really was as a person.

About a year after at the age of 20 years old I fell pregnant with my eldest and was no longer with the father, after years of being told "Get pregnant your life will be over", this was the belief I had which sunk me further, actually looking back it was possibly the best thing as I took my younger years as much as I could with parents that supported me well and worked hard with his dad so that it worked as well as it could, but emotionally still had no great believe in myself.

In 2004, I met my now husband after a blind date, but at the time was at the end of a previous marriage. I won't say too much because of it being a public site but the divorce and contact battles with his son, nearly destroyed him and consequently had an impact on our relationship, I knew he was someone I wanted to be with but because of his past he didn't know what he wanted from our relationship, plus supporting him, again the anxiety returned but this time came with panic attacks which left me unable to leave the house, I lost my job and was in a very dark place and this was my first experience with Hypnotherapy and quickly made big steps to my recovery, the treatment helped so much to uncover many issues from my past which was deeply buried.

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